Ramblings of an entitled Nintendo fanboy.
Ramblings of an entitled Nintendo fanboy.
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JpSr388's TAY Secret Santa Gift Guide - 2017

Greetings! If you are reading this you must be this year’s Secret Santa! If you aren’t my Secret Santa you must just be interested in me, which is fine: I’m an interesting person.

I’ll just repeat what I said last year: I’m an artist and a scholar. I prefer a minimalist style, and it carries through with how I decorate. I have an appreciation for unique and rare things. Things that have stories or were crafted with passion. I drink tea at home, but coffee when I’m out and about. I’m a morning person and I rely on my Mac to accomplish pretty much any work. I don’t have a PC so little to no PC gaming for me (unfortunately). I love a good coffee table/ art book. I love dinosaurs, and there was a time when I wanted to be a paleontologist. Outer space fascinates me. I have a long shelf I need to fill with memories and meaningful trinkets, so those are some good places to start.


A quick note: Please no clothes, Please no dishware. I don’t have a need for either!

Franchises I Love (Gaming and Non-Gaming)

  • Metroid: Samus Aran, the #1 space bounty hunter, is my spirit homie. Prime on Switch is the only thing keeping me tethered to these dark days in the USA. My first wish if I ever found a genie would be “I want to have a power suit and gunship like Samus Aran”.
  • Animal Crossing: I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing series since it’s American debut on the gamecube. I remember leaving my Gamecube on overnight because I didn’t have a memory card to save my town on... man... memory cards... those were some days! Is it time for Pocket Camp to come out yet?
  • Kirby: This pink puffball is the cutest ever, and his games have always brought me joy. Then stress as I try to collect everything. Then joy again when I 100% it.
  • The Legend of Zelda: I went to The Legend of Zelda Symphony for the second time at the beginning of November. I bought a Wind Waker. I will display it with pride.
  • Pokemon: I legitimately bought the dual steel-book of Ultra-Sun and Ultra-Moon just because I wanted the steel-book! That’s how I do. My faves are: Mewtwo, Mew, Bulbasaur, Celebi, Pikachu. Good starting point is the official Pokémon store.
  • Star Trek: I started watching it years ago on a whim, expecting the campiness to turn me away. I found myself falling in love with the characters and positive/utopian ideologies they espoused. Data is my spirit animal.
  • Mass Effect: Sure, Andromedea was... a thing that happened. But the universe is still great! It’s also the series that fostered my soft spot for AI. EDI and Legion are my spirit animals.
  • Steven Universe: It’s a good show and it has made me cry multiple times. ‘Nuf said.

Things I Collect

  • Amiibo: I’ve already got every one that’s been release (except those dirty skylander ones. Dirty dirty skylander). I appreciate cool display options. I have had my eye on these nifty NES cartridge display stands for the 8-bit ones I have (I’ve already asked and you CAN request to have him make them in the classic NES grey color).
  • Posters: I’ve recently gotten REALLY into wall art. I don’t have it directly on the wall, but I have a collection hanging via a wire across the wall. I’d like a big collection I can pull from that speaks to the season or time of year or maybe even the most recent game releases.
  • Mewtwo Cards (From the Pokemon TCG): Yes, specifically Mewtwo. I decided it was more cost effective to collect a single kind instead of buying more and moar and MOAR booster packs. I do not have a list of these.
  • Flat Brim Caps: Like this one here. I have a decent amount (Pro-tip, probably not a good idea to get these from the Pokemon Center website as I’ve bought many of those). I have a Steven Universe one too. Otherwise have at it.

Systems I Own

  • Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PS4, Mac

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