Ramblings of an entitled Nintendo fanboy.

Greetings! If you are reading this you must be this year’s Secret Santa! If you aren’t my Secret Santa you must just be interested in me, which is fine: I’m an interesting person.

I’ll just repeat what I said last year: I’m an artist and a scholar. I prefer a minimalist style, and it carries through with how I decorate. I have an appreciation for unique and rare things. Things that have stories or were crafted with passion. I drink tea at home, but coffee when I’m out and about. I’m a morning person and I rely on my Mac to accomplish pretty much any work. I don’t have a PC so little to no PC gaming for me (unfortunately). I love a good coffee table/ art book. I love dinosaurs, and there was a time when I wanted to be a paleontologist. Outer space fascinates me. I have a long shelf I need to fill with memories and meaningful trinkets, so those are some good places to start.

A quick note: Please no clothes, Please no dishware. I don’t have a need for either!


Franchises I Love (Gaming and Non-Gaming)

  • Metroid: Samus Aran, the #1 space bounty hunter, is my spirit homie. Prime on Switch is the only thing keeping me tethered to these dark days in the USA. My first wish if I ever found a genie would be “I want to have a power suit and gunship like Samus Aran”.
  • Animal Crossing: I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing series since it’s American debut on the gamecube. I remember leaving my Gamecube on overnight because I didn’t have a memory card to save my town on... man... memory cards... those were some days! Is it time for Pocket Camp to come out yet?
  • Kirby: This pink puffball is the cutest ever, and his games have always brought me joy. Then stress as I try to collect everything. Then joy again when I 100% it.
  • The Legend of Zelda: I went to The Legend of Zelda Symphony for the second time at the beginning of November. I bought a Wind Waker. I will display it with pride.
  • Pokemon: I legitimately bought the dual steel-book of Ultra-Sun and Ultra-Moon just because I wanted the steel-book! That’s how I do. My faves are: Mewtwo, Mew, Bulbasaur, Celebi, Pikachu. Good starting point is the official Pokémon store.
  • Star Trek: I started watching it years ago on a whim, expecting the campiness to turn me away. I found myself falling in love with the characters and positive/utopian ideologies they espoused. Data is my spirit animal.
  • Mass Effect: Sure, Andromedea was... a thing that happened. But the universe is still great! It’s also the series that fostered my soft spot for AI. EDI and Legion are my spirit animals.
  • Steven Universe: It’s a good show and it has made me cry multiple times. ‘Nuf said.

Things I Collect

  • Amiibo: I’ve already got every one that’s been release (except those dirty skylander ones. Dirty dirty skylander). I appreciate cool display options. I have had my eye on these nifty NES cartridge display stands for the 8-bit ones I have (I’ve already asked and you CAN request to have him make them in the classic NES grey color).
  • Posters: I’ve recently gotten REALLY into wall art. I don’t have it directly on the wall, but I have a collection hanging via a wire across the wall. I’d like a big collection I can pull from that speaks to the season or time of year or maybe even the most recent game releases.
  • Mewtwo Cards (From the Pokemon TCG): Yes, specifically Mewtwo. I decided it was more cost effective to collect a single kind instead of buying more and moar and MOAR booster packs. I do not have a list of these.
  • Flat Brim Caps: Like this one here. I have a decent amount (Pro-tip, probably not a good idea to get these from the Pokemon Center website as I’ve bought many of those). I have a Steven Universe one too. Otherwise have at it.

Systems I Own

  • Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PS4, Mac

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