Ramblings of an entitled Nintendo fanboy.
Ramblings of an entitled Nintendo fanboy.

JpSr388's Secret Santa Gift Guide - 2018

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Hello Santa! Gonna get this moving quickly and hopefully make this easy for you. Luckily I keep a running gift guide all year long!


Just to repeat a few key aspects of my personality;

I value innovation. I prefer a minimalist style, and it carries through with how I decorate. I have an appreciation for unique and rare things or things that have stories or were crafted with passion. I drink tea at home, but coffee when I’m out and about. I’m a morning person and I rely on my Mac to accomplish pretty much any work. I love a good coffee table/ art book. I love dinosaurs, and there was a time when I wanted to be a paleontologist. Outer space fascinates me. I have a long shelf I need to fill with memories and meaningful trinkets. I’m not really into board games but want to get into D&D. I plan on traveling a lot in the near future, so I got a new suitcase and some fun Mario travel swag! I like to keep my hair product, toiletries, and medication in separate cosmetic bags.


Those are some good places to start. And if you’re having trouble, theres a ton on Indie games I want to get on the Nintendo eShop.

A quick note: Please no clothes. I don’t have space or need for it.

Franchises I Love (Gaming and Non-Gaming)

  • Metroid: Samus Aran, the #1 space bounty hunter, is my heroine. My first wish if I ever found a genie would be “I want to have a power suit and gunship like Samus Aran”. I have a tattoo planned whenever I have free time/money. I didn’t mind Federation Force but would like to have seen it go further. I’d like to see Prime 4 integrate multiplayer a lá Hunters (With the hunters making a return!).
  • Animal Crossing: I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing series since it’s American debut on the GameCube. I remember leaving my Gamecube on overnight because I didn’t have a memory card to save my town on... man... memory cards... those were some days! I can’t say I have a favorite villager (though I most remember Peanut from my very first time playing), but I can say I am hype for the next one in 2019!
  • Kirby: This pink puffball is STILL the cutest ever, and his games have always brought me joy (even if the most recent was a bit short). Cute things, like this tote at Otakumode, are a good idea if you want to go this franchise.
  • Splatoon: Splatoon did SO MUCH right as a game. After being plain old fun, the first thing I point to is #aesthetic. It knew where it was referencing and how to homage a style. I don’t own much as far as Splatoon trinkets and such go, so this is a good bet for getting me something I don’t already have. Cheap and easy option: These brand stickers.
  • Pokemon: I legitimately bought the dual steel-book of Ultra-Sun and Ultra-Moon just because I wanted the steel-book! That’s how I do. My faves are Mewtwo, Mew, Bulbasaur, Celebi, Pikachu. A good starting point is the official Pokémon store if you want to go this route. Here’s a hat that juuust released I don’t have:

This is also a good place to look, and I need a replacement wallet/additional travel bags, or maybe this replica PokeDoll. Just be careful of shipping times:



  • Star Trek: I started watching it years ago on a whim, expecting the campiness to turn me away. I found myself falling in love with the characters and positive/utopian ideologies they espoused. I’ve finished all the old stuff. I’m watching all the new stuff, and eager for Piccard’s return! Data is my alter ego. I have effectively no merch from this series, so it’d be hard to go wrong here.
  • Mass Effect: Sure, Andromeda was... a thing that happened. But the universe is still great! It’s also the series that fostered my soft spot for AI. EDI and Legion are my spirit animals. Just don’t make me choose between romancing Ja’al and Gil.

Things I Collect

  • General Nintendo: Pretty much anything with the logo or a big, main franchise is cool. Go for the unique or useful items, and either swing between custom made (think Etsy) or officially licensed. Anything that you could put on a shelf or put something in.
  • Amiibo: I’ve gotten most of them, but I’ve got a few I’m still missing (not including those dirty Skylander ones). The only ones I don’t have (and want) are the Dark Souls Solaire of Astora, and some of the Monster Hunter Stories, like Ayuria and Cheval. I also appreciate cool display options. I have had my eye on these nifty NES cartridge display stands for the 8-bit ones I have (I’ve already asked, and you CAN request to have him make them in the classic NES grey color).
  • Posters: I’ve been collecting posters for a few years now, and have amassed quite a collection. I tend to like ones that are particularly unique (like something that takes a franchise and puts it into a very different art style)
  • Mewtwo Cards (From the Pokemon TCG): Yes, specifically Mewtwo. I decided it was more cost effective to collect a single ‘mon instead of buying more and moar and MOAR booster packs. I do not have a list of these.
  • Flat Brim Caps: Like this one here ( I have a decent amount, but I’ll switch between them based on the outfit or outing. (Pro-tip, probably not a good idea to get these from the Pokemon Center website as I’ve bought many of those, otherwise have at it).

Systems I Own:

  • Switch, Wii U, 3DS, PS4, Mac

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